Safety Equipment

RAG Safety & Marine.
We at RAG Safety & Marine provide supperior safety equipment for your company

We provide Personal Protective equipment such as clothing, helmets or other equipment designed to protect the worker´s body from injuries.

This equipment can be worn for job conditions or other recreational activities.

The purpose of personal protective equipment is to reduce the employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.


You can ask us for any of the following PPE:


Peripheral protection:

You can request for any of the following peripheral products:




  • Eye and face protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Head protection
  • Hand protection
  • Foot protection

Protective Clothing:

You can request for any of the following protective clothing.




  • Outdoor jackets
  • Waterproof jackets
  • Safety vests
  • Support and knee pads
  • Chemical wear


Recent Job Offers

  • Architects
  • A/C and heating experts
  • Mechanics
  • Dentists
  • Hotel Managers


We are looking for different profiles.

If you speak German and have experience in your position, send us your CV (contact us).

Did you know?

Cruise Jobs.
For most of them you need previous experience, at least 2 years. Some companies requires STCW certificates before you get onboard, some provide training once you are onboard. Always depends on the company.

Land Jobs

Our actual land jobs requires to have EU citizenship, at least 2 years experience, a valid passport and a good level of German (at least B2).

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